Surveillance /Background Investigations

We have the skills to obtain eyewitness information without being detected. Our staff has years of experience in catching sophisticated criminals in the “act”. We know how to set up and utilize undercover operations to obtain maximum results, if the situation arises. We also have state of the art electronic equipment to enhance the investigation.

“Put Former Feds, LLC on the trail to obtain results.”



Background Investigations

Before you make any significant investment or hire a key person for your business, let us do a background investigation on the prospective entity. This can save you a great deal of time and money if you know “Up Front” who you are dealing with and will give you piece of mind.

Technical Counter-Surveillance Measures

If you believe your business, residence or vehicle may be monitored by eavesdropping devices we have the technical expertise to perform a “bug sweeping” of the premises in question. Our technician has state of the art electronic equipment to detect the most sophisticated and minute eavesdropping devices.