Litigation Support

As former federal agents and criminal investigators, we can assist you and your attorneys by analyzing financial records, reviewing documents, locating witnesses, interviewing witnesses, conducting surveillances, and preparing for trial.

We also conduct asset searches and perform background investigations.

Our staff is very experienced in handling all of these duties and more.

Former Feds Litigation Support

At Former Feds, we have vast experience of handling all types of witnesses. We are able to assist attorneys so they are able to locate and interview witnesses in a case.

Through years of experience, we have acquired a sense of being able to obtain pertinent and quality information from witnesses. Through this information we are able to provide accurate and legal reports to be used in the court of law to help with both civil and criminal matters.

We Can Assist With:

•Reviewing Case Reports
•Interviewing/Locating Witnesses
•Police Reports
•Preparation for Rebuttals
•Reviewing of Evidence
•Review Search Warrants

When it comes to getting the aide you require from a private investigator, let the professionals at Former Feds put their expertise to work for you and your case. In our years of experience, we have been assisting attorneys getting the information they need.

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