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John D. Sammon John D. Sammon

Managing Partner
Phone: 440-503-5225

A total of more than 41 years’ experience as a federal prosecutor, federal agent, and criminal defense attorney. Almost 22 years as a federal prosecutor handling complex financial cases, bank fraud, money laundering, and various other types of fraud and theft prosecutions. Lead prosecutor in the United Stated v. Michael I. Monus in 1994 and 1995 which was then the largest corporate fraud case in the U.S. history. Lead prosecutor of more than 20 individuals in the St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union which was the largest credit union fraud case in U.S. history according to the National Credit Union Administration. Prosecuted hundreds of bank fraud and money laundering cases. Testified as a money laundering expert in a case in the Southern District of Ohio. Bank fraud coordinator for the U.S Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Ohio.

Over 11 years of financial investigative work as a federal agent.  More than eight years of professional experience as an attorney in private practice  with emphasis in white-collar defense and federal crimes.

Recipient of numerous awards from the Department of Justice, Department of Treasury, and Federal Executive Board.




Gary L. Ainley

Managing Partner
Phone: 330-461-4469

Gary L. Ainley was an IRS Special Agent for 27 years. His duties involved conducting investigations regarding alleged violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related offenses. He conducted complex investigations concerning both legitimate and illegal income. In addition, he was involved with several multi-agency Federal grand jury investigations which were concerned with willful violations of Federal narcotics laws, money-laundering/asset forfeiture statutes, violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, and income tax evasion. He has been the lead agent in money laundering investigations. He is familiar in financial investigations for willfully structuring financial transactions to avoid the reporting requirements, and willful violations of the currency reporting requirements for a non-financial trade or business (FORM 8300). As a Special Agent he was an instructor for the money laundering courses for other Special Agents in ASAT (Advanced Special Agent Training).

Upon retirement he was an attorney/advisor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. During this assignment he was an instructor in the Legal Division, teaching new agents the aspects of Federal criminal law. While there, he wrote a lesson plan entitled “Legal Aspects of Money Laundering and Related Financial Crimes.”

Through the Soufan Group he has also been a consultant for the Qatar International Academy for Security Services. In addition, he has participated in AML Look Back assignments for various financial institutions.

Mr. Ainley is a FINRA arbitrator.

Mr. Ainley served in the U.S. Army and received an honorable discharge.



James V Cappara

James V. Cappara

Managing Partner
Phone: 216-513-0940

Jim has spent over 28 years as a manager and special agent with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service. He has conducted and directed major white-collar crime investigations throughout the United States.

Jim was the lead agent on a money laundering investigation which resulted in the seizure of 1.8 million dollars in assets by the U.S. Government and several criminal convictions. This was one of the largest seizures in Ohio history.

Jim also reviewed Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) and Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) for the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). He is also a licensed Private Investigator.

Jim has worked as a Consultant for several financial institutions. His experience includes preparing and reviewing Suspicious Activity Reports, Customer Due Diligence and Know Your Customer (KYC) consulting and look back financial transaction reviews.

Jim is considered as an Expert Witness in Financial Investigations and has testified in numerous Judicial Proceedings. Jim has received several awards from the U.S. Treasury Department for his sustained superior performance. Jim served in the U.S. Army and received an honorable discharge.